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The PDF could benefit from a revision. On one hand it's beautiful, nice layout, gorgeous art. On the other hand… no author attribution, no date, no artwork credits, not TOC, no bookmarks (NO BOOKMARKS!! Adding bookmarks is trivial and should be mandatory for any PDF longer than 4 pages). There are also several instances of "it's" that should be spelled "its". The "Video Explanation" paragraph is also weird and incomplete.

Hi! I backed on Gamefound. Any way to get access to the PDF before receiving the physical copy? Thank you!


This is a clever game! I feel like it could use some kind of character sheet though, just to keep track of all the different aspects and whether or not players have momentum/edge. Maybe all of this could be scribbled down on scratch paper for an in-person game but I feel like categorizing things together on a sheet is much cleaner. 


Glad you like it! Character sheets are absolutely something we're planning on creating, but haven't gotten to yet. I'll try to dedicate some time over the next week or two and put one together. I'll keep you posted!


Character sheets are a great idea. Is this still going to happen?

Yes, character sheets, please!

Is there anyway to purchase the deck already made? I sadly missed out on the kick starter by a year

yep! Over on Gamefound you can add physical copies of anything, they're currently in production and can even ship them out with the Kickstarter copies

thank you!

Hi! It looks like the file was updated 3 days ago, does this version include all the community management rules mentioned in the KS update?

Just checking because there's no devlog and I noticed a familiar typo on the first line of page 26. Thanks!

yep! They're split between the end of the player section and guide sections

As for typos, my editor is currently going through it, we also found some formatting errors for the aspect cards that we're fixing


A couple of days ago, I saw the old kickstarter for this game, which links to Gamefound, and I decided to support it. 

But I haven't received anything through Gamefound. 

Later, I found this on, and I realize maybe I should have paid through here.  What should I do?


Gamefound doesn't automatically send out emails or notifications. I check about once a week and manually import the Gamefound emails over to itch. I'll make sure to get that taken care so be on the lookout for an email from itch later on tonight ๐Ÿ™‚



I guess I was too impatient...

I'm excited about your game!

no worries, haha, I'm sitting down to send it out now, should be in any minute

Got it, thanks!


I'd love to hear more about how the mechanics pull the focus to problem solving instead of resource attrition. 

I find there are some things to explain.
For example, if you roll under 15 you lose momentum: when do you get it? XD

You start all scenes with the momentum. You regain it whenever you roll 15 or more. I'll add some clarity for the next update dropping soon.


Would be awesome to get 1-page layout version of the file in addition to the current spreads.

Second that, altough I've got no big problem with the current layout! ^^

I Second that too!

I'll get that out in the next update that should be dropping soon ๐Ÿ‘

Oh, cool! Thanks, mate!


Can't wait to get my hands on the GM-less rules. Art or no I am excited to give it a spin.


I'm waiting for the solo / Gm-less rules and how to use the deck. It seems to be a clever game.


The artists are hard at work getting the deck finished up! I hope to have some fun news within the next month or so.


First Impressions (of Perilous' First Draft): Loving what I'm seeing so far—particularly the game's simple yet robust mechanics and its gorgeous art. I can't wait to read through the co-op/GM-less play section when it's completed so I can try it out for myself!