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A game of compelling heroes and easy to understand rules.

Perilous is a dungeon crawling RPG about braving the dark depths because the long forgotten magic of the ancients could mean the difference between life and death for the people you care about. It uses a simple 20 sided die, plain language, and tag based mechanics to make telling stories with your friends effortless.

Encounters feel more like puzzles than battles of attrition.

Fighting enemies and facing dangers in Perilous is about finding clever solutions to unique problems rather than whittling away hit points. Each challenge you come up against is a collection of short descriptions that cover anything from the defenses an enemy has to the hazardous terrain you have to worry about. When you can't solve a problem right away, start building up advantages and creating openings until you can!

Freeform character creation lets you create totally unique character ideas.

Making a character in Perilous is both fast and incredibly fun, all you have to do is select the three aspects that define your character. Choose from categories such as your skills, signature equipment, spells, and personality to quickly create an interesting character ready to explore the world. The freeform character creation allows you to mix and match just the right talents and magical abilities for exactly the character you have in mind!


Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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A couple of days ago, I saw the old kickstarter for this game, which links to Gamefound, and I decided to support it. 

But I haven't received anything through Gamefound. 

Later, I found this on itch.io, and I realize maybe I should have paid through here.  What should I do?


Gamefound doesn't automatically send out emails or notifications. I check about once a week and manually import the Gamefound emails over to itch. I'll make sure to get that taken care so be on the lookout for an email from itch later on tonight 🙂



I guess I was too impatient...

I'm excited about your game!

no worries, haha, I'm sitting down to send it out now, should be in any minute

Got it, thanks!

I'd love to hear more about how the mechanics pull the focus to problem solving instead of resource attrition. 

I find there are some things to explain.
For example, if you roll under 15 you lose momentum: when do you get it? XD

You start all scenes with the momentum. You regain it whenever you roll 15 or more. I'll add some clarity for the next update dropping soon.


Would be awesome to get 1-page layout version of the file in addition to the current spreads.

Second that, altough I've got no big problem with the current layout! ^^

I Second that too!

I'll get that out in the next update that should be dropping soon 👍

Oh, cool! Thanks, mate!


Can't wait to get my hands on the GM-less rules. Art or no I am excited to give it a spin.


I'm waiting for the solo / Gm-less rules and how to use the deck. It seems to be a clever game.


The artists are hard at work getting the deck finished up! I hope to have some fun news within the next month or so.


First Impressions (of Perilous' First Draft): Loving what I'm seeing so far—particularly the game's simple yet robust mechanics and its gorgeous art. I can't wait to read through the co-op/GM-less play section when it's completed so I can try it out for myself!