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My group played this as "Santa Claus is Dead," some cosmic horror got mixed in there somehow, and the result was probably the funniest one-shot I've ever been in. Highly recommended.


I was in this game! 

Krampus ate all the cookies.

The robot running the toy factory got overthrown by an Luddite elf rebellion. 

The friendly worker elf impersonating Saint Nick was assassinated (by a  penguin?). 

The eldritch entity known as Rudolph escaped from his cyclopean cryo-tomb. 

Comet's understudy took over Christmas and rebranded it to be entirely reindeer  themed.

10/10 would kill Santa again.


Super fun game!! Our congregation was a group of black honeybee worshippers who were trying to suck all the color and joy of the world to sustain an evil hive for our queen bee. We were justly defeated, our wardrobes expanded, it was a really hilarious playthrough. My character was the town exorcist.

Would def recommend this one! 

DAMN! How did I miss all of this art, I love it!


My friends and I cried laughing, RIP Lord-Pope Ratticus VIII (10/10 would recommend)


Played this last night with a group of three other religious studies scholars - easily one of my top five ever TTRPG sessions. By the end we had sparked a full schismatic uprising and incited the apocalyptic ravings of a mad prophet. The mechanics supported the chaos beautifully, with every plot point being an opportunity for collaborative one-upmanship and failing forward. At least two of us are considering running a session of this in our college classes...

Hell yeah! Glad you had fun!


A+ fun, easy to learn, easy to play, almost no prep time. Have played this hilariously with very different types of gaming folks.


Weekend at Odin's