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Our god is dead is a comedy role-playing game about clerics hiding the fact that their god has died just before a celebration in their god's honor. Players will take on the role of devotees to their god and start scheming up increasingly impractical miracles in order to fool everyone else into thinking their god is still alive. How long can you keep the charade up?

The game doesn't need a game master and is played in a single session. There isn't any prep or character creation, so you can jump straight into playing, all you need are six-sided dice. Enjoy!


Buy Now$8.00 USD or more

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My friends and I cried laughing, RIP Lord-Pope Ratticus VIII (10/10 would recommend)


Played this last night with a group of three other religious studies scholars - easily one of my top five ever TTRPG sessions. By the end we had sparked a full schismatic uprising and incited the apocalyptic ravings of a mad prophet. The mechanics supported the chaos beautifully, with every plot point being an opportunity for collaborative one-upmanship and failing forward. At least two of us are considering running a session of this in our college classes...

Hell yeah! Glad you had fun!


A+ fun, easy to learn, easy to play, almost no prep time. Have played this hilariously with very different types of gaming folks.


Weekend at Odin's