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Very good as an introduction to pen and paper RPGs. With a very clear focus on the narrative rather than a complicated ruleset telling game this is ideal for a more story telling focused group. A simple enough ruleset that rewards player engagement and imagination, making it highly shapeable into anything that comes to mind. Still retaining a very good system of dice that allows for it to be challenging and both punishing and rewarding, keeping the players on edge yet without a massive system of rules. Easily skinned into any setting and open to anything the players will do. Canbe adapted to any group of any age.


Using it with my 11-16 gaming club students as an intro to role-playing.  Far more forgiving and less involved than other RPG's, it nevertheless inspires entertaining and in depth encounters.  The students are really engaged and the quick character creation means some Paranoia level shenanigans.

This game is fun and easy to set up. You will be laughing at all of the things that can happen along the way


I'll be honest, comedy rpgs can be a bit hit or miss for me, so I tried to manage my expectations (unsuccessfully) based on the hype I felt from the premise alone.
I'm happy to report that the hype was correct, this is an incredibly entertaining game and extremely simple to pick up and play.
Gone are overwrought, tragic heroes on a quest to the save the world when I need a one-shot. In their place are sort of competent minions trying to do their best in a world which is arrayed against them.

Reading through the book now. Super happy I backed this project. My group is really looking forward to playing a game from the other side of the table!

This is an amazingly fun game that is very easy to set up and play. My group has had an enormous amount of fun getting to act in a role that they had not hereto been able to. Playing as the mooks in a dungeon is a very fun and creative experience. The game is overall amazingly fun and easy to pick up. I highly recommend that you get a copy and start playing today!

This has been a very fun game! It's great for quick one shot sessions between campaigns, Holiday specials, or for the inevitable "villains campaign" all groups want to try. It's quick to pick up, easy to run, and fun to play. I highly recommend.

I brought this game up with my dnd group and they liked the sound of it so we ran an off session for it.

when it came time for a hero to show up I would describe one of their actual characters from our campaign, it was alot of fun and i highly recommend it.


I love playing this with my friends. The first time we did it, we thought we would only play for an hour or two. Six hours later, and they kept asking for more. The game mechanics are easy to grasp, and the character creation was easy for my friends to use, as they sometimes have a hard time wrapping their head around the more advanced rpgs. As a GM, the ability to improvise on the fly is extremely helpful. It’s a bucket of laughs to be sure.

I ran a play test of this game for my wife and son. They had a blast, and found the creation rules and basic mechanics easy to follow. It requires a bit of improvisational skills on the part of the GM, but a creative and open mind is really all you need. It's a lighthearted, comical take on a fantasy RPG.

When I found this project, I backed it immediately!  At the first opportunity, play tested it with friends and we all had a blast!  It is both familiar while being a unique and novel approach to fantasy rp.  The play mechanics are easily understandable and accessible to all levels of players. 

I have long awaited a game that finally gives voice to the minions who toil thanklessly in the darkness.  We are not just waiting to be slaughtered by “heros” who lay waste to our homes and workplaces.  Thank you for this game!