Arcana Academy Released

Wanted to let everyone know that the final copy of Arcana Academy is released! Feel free to download the game and get playing with all of your friends. I should mention that while I say it's "final" that there are still a few things that need to get added to the game. I'm going to outline a few things that will get added in the next couple weeks.

First is hyperlinks and a table of contents for ease of use. This is something we're working on adding for sure.

Next is small edits as we find errors or things that aren't entirely clear.

Last is making the PDF interactive with menus and other cool features. This is a work in progress and will take more than just a week.

I hope you all enjoy Arcana Academy. Thanks for the journey.


Arcana Academy.pdf 29 MB
Jun 23, 2020
Arcana Academy Phone.pdf 27 MB
Jun 23, 2020

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I downloaded the pdf from Itch and the table of contents doesn't seem to have links? And there isn't a table of contents in the pdf, aside from the one in the book?

Should the links be there? Am I missing something?

Ah, I must have accidentally removed the links when I uploaded the pdf that had the cover.  I'll get that fixed and try and reupload within the next week or so.


If I paid for shipping, would it be possible to get the misprinted copy although I live in Europe?